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TPV leads the Philippines as #1 in Unbundled Market for 2021

TPV Technology Limited (TPV), the global manufacturer of leading PC Monitor brands AOC and Philips Monitors, is #1 in the Philippines in the Unbundled Market in 2021, according to the IDC Worldwide Quarterly PC Monitor Tracker, 2021 Q4.

TPV leads the Philippines as #1 in Unbundled Market for 2021 | Good Guy Gadgets

TPV leads the Philippines as #1 in Unbundled Market for 2021

In its Fourth Quarter report, the International Data Corporation revealed market figures capturing the performance of different monitor brands in the Philippines. The data shows that for the entire 2021, TPV leads the market as the #1 monitor manufacturer in unbundled sales in the Philippine Market.

TPV, which manufactures AOC and Philips Monitors, sold over 155,000 units in 2021, representing 18.46% of all unbundled units sold in the Philippine market for the year. This large market share is a testament to the continued trust consumers put into monitors made by TPV – showing how many users still prefer AOC and Philips Monitors over other brands, especially coming from an unprecedented time in global events these past few years.

Many users continue to trust TPV-manufactured monitors because of TPV’s consistently high-quality products. Both AOC and Philips Monitors offer products that showcase innovation in different use cases. AOC and Philips Monitors are known for innovative features that make their products more productive for work like the SmoothTouch-enabled Philips Monitors 242B9T and give a better entertainment experience for gaming and movies, like the entire line of AOC AGON Gaming Monitors.

The Philips Monitors 242B9T | Good Guy Gadgets
Philips Monitors 242B9T, the LCD monitor with SmoothTouch

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With this recognition, TPV will not be resting on its laurels. Being #1 inspires TPV to continue bringing to market innovative monitors designed with the users’ experience in mind as the first and primary consideration.

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