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AGON by AOC partners with Riot Games with world’s first League of Legends gaming monitor

One of the world’s leading gaming monitor and IT accessories brands, AGON by AOC partnered up with Riot Games to present the first monitor inspired by League of Legends and its iconic Hextech technology. The AGON PRO AG275QXL – AGON League of Legends Edition sports a unique design and special features crafted specifically for the MOBA experience.

AGON by AOC partners with Riot Games with world's first League of Legends gaming monitor | Good Guy Gadgets

AGON by AOC partners with Riot Games with world’s first League of Legends gaming monitor

The AG275QXL is now available in the Philippines! In partnership with our authorized resellers, you now can experience being like a pro!

Unique features create the perfect experience for League of Legends fans

League of Legends is the most played PC game globally with millions of players working together in high-stakes competition. AGON by AOC has created the first monitor specifically designed to bring the best experience of the rift to players everywhere with unique features such as reactive lighting to in-game events.

Players of the renowned title will immediately notice the distinct style of the AG275QXL with its exciting Hextech-inspired design that brings the world of magic & technology together.

Unique features create the perfect experience for League of Legends fans | Good Guy Gadgets

“We are thrilled about our partnership with Riot Games and having the opportunity to combine our expertise in monitor technology with League of Legends’ magic, bringing an exciting product for the League of Legends fans”, said Kevin Wu, General Manager of MMD Singapore.

The AG275QXL offers outstanding features like the League of Legends Mode, the LoL QuickSwitch, exclusive power on/off sounds, Light FX Sync, and the LoL Signature OSD design.

Visually, the monitor is an outstanding piece that incorporates League of Legends in every aspect: The chassis and stand are embellished with elements of the iconic Hextech design seen throughout the League of Legends universe. The monitor gleams thanks to the special Light FX that syncs up with the game’s action. The dedicated LoL mode ensures the view of Summoner’s Rift is seen with visual clarity in mind. Players will be fully immersed with their own League of Legends monitor.

A monitor packed with the best buffs and runes | Good Guy Gadgets

A monitor packed with the best buffs and runes

To guarantee consistent and high-end performance for both casual gamers and aspiring esports pros, the AG275QXL features top-notch specs: The 27” Fast IPS screen boasts a QHD resolution with a rapid refresh rate of 170Hz for the smoothest visuals even in the craziest team fights.

To eliminate stutters and tearing, the AG275QXL supports G-sync Compatible and an impeccable response time of 1ms GtG further ensures a flawless output. With VESA DisplayHDR 400, ShadowControl, and the flicker-free mode, players can enjoy long gaming sessions and a crystal-clear portrayal of their favorite champions diving into battle.

AGON by AOC aims to forge the right equipment for gamers to fully maximize their performance and to help them overcome challenges. The revolutionary AGON PRO AG275QXL – League of Legends Limited Edition is finally here!

For more information on where to purchase the new AGON PRO AG275QXL, please check the links below:

AOC Official Online Shop
AOC Monitor Lazada Flagship Store
Shopee Flagship Store
In-store/Online Authorized Resellers
DynaQuest PC Facebook
Official Website
Lazada Flagship Store
PC Express Facebook
PC Worx Facebook
Thinking Tools, Inc. Facebook
Vivocom Facebook
Lazada Flagship Store

The current suggested retail price is ₱26,500. The price, however, may vary depending on the authorized resellers.

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Get to know more about AGON PRO AG275QXL by by checking the product’s technical specifications.

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