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TM delivers on PAWER experiences as the Most Reliable Mobile Network in the Philippines

TM continues to deliver powerful experiences in the most reliable ways possible -– a proof of its recent recognition as the Most Reliable Mobile Network in the Philippines, based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data. Basta sa TM, Pawer Yarn!

TM delivers on “PAWER” experiences as the Most Reliable Mobile Network in the Philippines | Good Guy Gadgets

TM delivers on “PAWER” experiences as the Most Reliable Mobile Network in the Philippines

With its fast LTE and 5G connectivity, TM transforms online class, gaming, music, and video streaming, and even online raket to “PAWER” experiences that bring Ka-TMs good vibes every day.

PAWER sa Aral

With today’s hybrid learning set-up, students depend on a reliable and fast mobile connection to keep up with their online classes and on-ground school activities. TM’s powerful network helps students experience seamless virtual class discussions; stay connected with their classmates and friends online or via call or text for easier collaboration, and even have fun sharing good vibes together to achieve a memorable academic year together.

PAWER sa Gaming

For mobile gamers, gone are the days of erratic mobile data connection while they are in the middle of a ranked game. Aside from being the most consistent and reliable mobile network, TM offers great deals that are made perfectly for aspiring and pro gamers alike so they can enjoy the thrill of seamless gameplay with their barkada, wherever and whenever they like.

PAWER sa Kantahan

To keep the good vibes going, music lovers can listen to their favorite songs and artists from different channels online anytime, anywhere without any interruptions. Plus, for more powerful musical experiences, Ka-TMs can look forward to TM’s upcoming music fests this year that support Original Pinoy Music.

PAWER sa Tiktokan

Ordinary days need not be boring because, with TM, everyone can enjoy seamless streaming and sharing of fun, informative, and entertaining video content online. Whether you like uploading or watching vlogs on Youtube, scrolling through thousands of Tiktok videos, or Instagram reels among others, TM has it covered.

PAWER sa Raket

Raketerong Pinoys can continue to grow their online businesses and their side hustles using just their mobile phones. With TM‘s reliable network connection, they can consistently promote their products and services online and engage with customers in real-time, allowing them to turn initial inquiries into immediate sales or sure opportunities.

According to Ookla®, TM, as part of Globe Telecom, has earned the coveted recognition as the Philippines’ Most Reliable Mobile Network in the second quarter of 2022, topping other players in terms of consistency and availability. Only a few mobile operators in the world attain supremacy in both areas, thus, the claim of being the most reliable network is indeed an elusive recognition.

“This reaffirms our efforts to be our Ka-TM‘s ultimate partner in achieving good vibes may it be in their raket, schools, music, games, and even entertainment,” said TM Brand Head Bea Lacson.

“Indeed with great power comes great responsibility. With TM’s most powerful connection, Ookla’s recognition wouldn’t be put to waste. We are committed to being the ultimate partner of Filipinos in all aspects of their lives and bringing in more daily good vibes to everyone because with TM, Pawer Yarn!” concluded Lacson.

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