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.INC domain name and what it’s all about

In the modern world, online presence and digital reputation have a greater impact on your brand equity than running a business off the web. Which is why every success-oriented business owner is looking to distinguish their brand and turn it into a high-ranking enterprise. A .inc domain name is key!

.INC domain name and what it’s all about | Good Guy Gadgets

.INC domain name and what it’s all about

Thankfully, now is the time for fresh opportunities in the business world, and in TLD terms, .INC one is the newest there is! You can gain the trust and respect of your customers with just your URL.

Why Choose .INC?

In the world of business, INC. is a universally recognizable and respected sign of an established company. Therefore, those who register .inc domains are demonstrating investment in their digital presence, that they are incorporated in the U.S., and do business the ‘right’ way. It’s a sign of quality and stability.

What is more, each .INC also comes with a bunch of ‘Member’ benefits, as premium as the domain itself:

Google – $150 ad spending match
GlobeNewswire – free press release to announce your new .inc domain
Indeed – $100 credit for sponsored listings
Square – up to $1,000 in free transaction fee credits
And many, many more.

Now is the Perfect Time to Get Your .INC

You can get your .INC today with $250 off the regular price at Namecheap! All you need to do is go to their website, choose your perfect .INC domain and apply this coupon code GETDOTINC when you check out.

Getting your .INC with Namecheap gives you the whole business package:

– Top-rated 24/7 Customer Support;
– Free personal data privacy system; and
– Reliable DNS.

So, consider investing today into a .INC domain name with huge strategic and business value to launch your A-list business in the direction of success.

Register a .INC Domain That Spells Business

The new domain extension is the true boss of business domains. It shows your customers and clients that you are incorporated in the U.S. and so your business is the real deal. When you buy a .inc domain, people know they can ‘buy into’ you and your organization. That’s because the Inc. abbreviation is recognized and respected across industries, right across the world.

Who Chooses the .INC Domain Extension?

It is right for any website that wants to be taken seriously in business, especially if you already have Inc. in your company name – it’s tailor-made for you.

Whether you’re an established corporation or a startup looking to take on the market heavyweights, a .inc domain is a great investment in your digital future. It’s a three-letter sign of strength and stability that inspires customer confidence everywhere.

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Make your business web name trust-worthy and get free privacy protection forever. Register now and show your customers that you are a trusted business with the .INC TLD. Get a new domain name from Namecheap with big savings, no hidden fees and with 2 months free email services.