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Fujitsu aims to a safe human-centric organization and a secure purpose-driven digital tech business

Fujitsu sets out its “Technology and Services Vision 2019”. In today’s interconnected era, organizations, as well as society in general, are now realizing the benefits brought by digital technologies. The use of these tech tools in all aspects of everyday life has become the norm, leading to dramatic changes in the way people work, consume goods and services, access information, communicate, and interact with others.

Fujitsu aims to a safe human-centric organization and a secure purpose-driven digital tech business | Good Guy Gadgets

Fujitsu aims to a safe human-centric organization and a secure purpose-driven digital tech business

At the same time, however, concerns continue to mount around privacy and the use of personal data and, the increasing threat of cyber-attacks, says leading information technology (IT), systems integrator and solutions provider Fujitsu Philippines, Inc.

“Now that the world becomes more interconnected, organizations face complexities, proving that many of the traditional structures and institutions we used to rely upon are inadequate and breaking down. We are also struggling to keep pace with technology as data grows faster than it used to be,” said Raul “Cricket” Santiago, president and chief executive officer of Fujitsu Philippines.

With these adversities, Santiago noted that rebuilding trust in data and technology, as well as in enterprises that leverage digital technology remains more important than ever. This mindset is what Fujitsu focuses on in its Technology and Service Vision this year.

With the theme ‘Human Centric Innovation: Driving a Trusted Future,’ Fujitsu’s Technology and Service Vision 2019 introduces the company’s approach to co-creating a trusted business and society against the backdrop of complex circumstances through the use of cutting-edge technologies and real examples of co-creation with customers and ecosystem partners.

Fujitsu also aims to ensure a sense of trust that surrounds the use of data with security and Blockchain technologies while developing trusted AI technologies centered around proprietary technology that can explain the reason and basis for an AI inference. By further promoting trust in data and technology, Fujitsu seeks to contribute to the realization of a safe and secure future achieved through digital technology.

“The business landscape is undergoing an accelerating paradigm shift. Even businesses in the country are now transitioning from supply-centric businesses that provide standardized products and services to human-centric businesses to meet the needs and earn back the trust of customers or citizens,” added Santiago.

Fujitsu aims to a safe human-centric organization and a secure purpose-driven digital tech business | Good Guy Gadgets

To realize a human-centric trusted business through co-creation, Fujitsu proposes three concrete actions: architect a purpose-driven business, build a human-centric organization and, drive the business with digital.

With new technologies and ideas continuing to emerge one after the other in the Digital Age, Fujitsu also seeks to engage with its customers with an agile development method with short cycle creation of prototypes followed by validation of their effectiveness.

This approach demonstrates Fujitsu’s commitment to innovate new products and solutions that match its partners’ needs and, to contribute to the growth of the business by creating value for its customers.

Aside from co-creating a trusted business, Fujitsu also aims to realize a trusted society. As the world faces challenges, including global warming, rapidly aging societies, and problems around urbanization, the company believes that sustained collaboration between all stakeholders need to locate solutions will prove essential.

Fujitsu also dedicates to continue its initiative to contribute to the attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by working together with enterprises and organizations around the world to build an ecosystem and create a society that is inclusive (where no one is left behind), sustainable, and trusted.

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“This kind of society is what we call a ‘Human-centric Intelligent Society.’ As a service-oriented company based on the strengths of digital technologies, we will continue to work together with our customers and partners to build a trusted society,” said Santiago.

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