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Globe at Home App hits 1 million mark in registered users

Globe At Home app, the best partner for your home internet connection, has reached a record number of registered users by hitting the 1,000,000th mark!

Globe at Home App hits 1 million mark in registered users | Good Guy Gadgets

Globe at Home App hits 1 million mark in registered users

As of December 2019, there are 1,000,620 confirmed total registered customers benefiting from its features that offer the utmost convenience in managing their Globe At Home plans. These numbers are projected to continuously increase in the succeeding quarters as more and more useful features are deployed monthly.

“The Globe at Home app is one of our most recent efforts to offer enhanced home Internet experience for our customers,” shared Martha Sazon, SVP, and Head of Broadband Business at Globe. “This is why we are thrilled to know that more homes are maximizing the benefits of the app to fully enjoy quality connectivity with their families.”

With features designed to make managing one’s account hassle-free, the app offers a convenient digital alternative to traditional methods. Using one convenient app, customers can easily track their data usage, purchase promos and add-ons, view and pay their bills, score freebies, perform self-troubleshooting for basic connectivity issues and even track their repairman or request for a transfer of location.

With the app’s Help and Support feature, everything you need to know about your Globe At Home service — from information about the latest promos and new plans to troubleshooting tips — is available in just one click. You can also activate and cancel content services connected to your Globe At Home Postpaid subscription on your app’s dashboard.

For Prepaid customers, the Globe At Home App allows you to activate your home internet service in three easy steps, track your data usage, load promos in seconds and enjoy various rewards.

Globe at Home App hits 1 million mark in registered users | Good Guy Gadgets

“We are continuously updating the app with more features such as real-time serviceability check and [an] auto-debit option for payment. With these in the pipeline, customers can be assured that we will be working on further improving their home Internet experience in the near future,” Sazon added.

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Aside from the app, Globe At Home also offers fast and easy applications via Facebook Messenger. It’s definitely a more convenient way to get connected without having to leave the comfort of your home.

The Globe At Home app is free for download on Google Playstore and the App Store. For more updates, follow the official Globe At Home Facebook Page today.