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vivo Y01: The Student’s Modern and Budget-Friendly Study Buddy

With hybrid learning in the primary school setup these days, devices have become an integral part of a student’s learning kit. Not only are classes held on the screen of a phone or another gadget but homework, projects, study groups, and other school activities are done using technology. Communicating with teachers and classmates and taking exams are likewise done on-screen. Here’s why vivo’s recent entry-level smartphone, the vivo Y01, can be every student’s modern and budget-friendly study buddy.

vivo Y01: The Student’s Modern and Budget-Friendly Study Buddy | Good Guy Gadgets

vivo Y01: The Student’s Modern and Budget-Friendly Study Buddy

Even if face-to-face classes resume in the near future, gadgets will remain a critical component of the modern student’s school life. Whether for online or face-to-face classes, students need a reliable gadget that can get them through every school day.

The vivo Y01, vivo’s latest entry-level smartphone, is the study buddy for every student looking for a good-value phone that will not break the bank. With a large-capacity battery, a bigger HD+ screen with eye protection, megapixel cameras, and a slim and lightweight design, the vivo Y01 makes learning a pleasant experience.

Strong performance to power learning

Strong performance to power learning | Good Guy Gadgets

The vivo Y01 packs a large-capacity battery and storage for all school and learning needs. Its 5,000mAh battery (TYP) can power hours of online classes, browsing, video streaming, or virtual meetings, and yes, even after-class gaming.

Need to watch a documentary for a research paper or browse tutorial videos? The vivo Y01 delivers 18.74 hours of movie streaming on just a single charge. It can also power 7.89 hours of intensive gaming for those brain breaks after long study hours.

The vivo Y01 battery s engineered to perform 5V/1A reverse changing. This means the phone can be used as a power bank to charge other devices, enabling the student to continue their work without having to worry about gadgets running out of juice. 

For all those PowerPoint presentations, reviewers, photos, and videos that take up a lot of a phone’s memory, the vivo Y01 has the answer. It offers 2GB RAM + 32GB storage, with the memory capacity expandable via the triple card slots that include one for a microSD. Students can save as many files, up to 1TB.

Bigger HD+ screen with added eye protection 
The vivo Y01’s 6.51-inch LCD FullView™ display makes virtual classes or meetings much more engaging. Reviewing notes, watching teachers’ presentations, and even making homework videos are less bothersome not only because of the bigger screen ratio but also because of the display quality. This smartphone boasts a sharp 1,600×720-pixel resolution. 

To protect students’ eyes from strain caused by long hours of staring at a screen, The display brightness of the vivo Y01 automatically adjusts to ambient conditions. The phone’s Eye Protection Mode filters out harmful blue light, making the screen much gentler on the eyes.

Cameras to capture all the best moments

Cameras to capture all the best moments | Good Guy Gadgets

When face-to-face classes resume and students can finally get together, the vivo Y01 will leave no happy moments uncaptured with its high-resolution cameras.

The vivo Y01’s 5MP front camera guarantees clear selfies and groufies. The 8MP rear camera yields quality still images and videos for school projects or hobbies. The various photo modes, including time-lapse, face beauty, and Bokeh, help create gram-ready images.

A sleek, lightweight design that fits anywhere
Designed for ease of use and portability, the vivo Y01 is a student’s classroom in a phone. It weighs only 178g and has a thickness of 8.28mm, making it the thinnest and lightest model in vivo’s line of entry-level smartphones. The slim design can fit lightly in the bag or pocket should the student need to study outside the home.

vivo Y01: The Student’s Modern and Budget-Friendly Study Buddy | Good Guy Gadgets

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The vivo Y01’s 3D back cover, which also houses the 5,000mAh battery, offers users a sleek yet comfortable grip. The vivo Y01 comes at the affordable price of ₱5,299 and is now available at vivo stores nationwide.

Students can also grab the vivo Y01 at its official Shopee, and Lazada stores, online.