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Trend Micro gathers global threat experts in Cebu

Trend Micro, a global cybersecurity leader, recently hosted the Threat Experts Summit (TES) in Cebu City from February 28 to March 2. Some 150 threat experts from around the world, from North America, Asia, and Europe, gathered for the three-day summit to explore tactics, trends, and countermeasures for the ever-increasing dangers in cyberspace.

Trend Micro gathers global threat experts in Cebu | Good Guy Gadgets

Trend Micro gathers global threat experts in Cebu

With “The Power of One” as its theme, the summit sought to strengthen the international community of threat researchers and subject matter experts in the face of growing cybersecurity concerns everywhere.

Participants engaged in group exercises in threat mitigation, discussions on global cybersecurity trends, and team-building exercises.

To underscore the importance and urgency of a more empowered cybersecurity community, in 2022, Trend Micro blocked an astounding 146,408,535,569 attacks, including email threats, malicious URLs, and malicious files.

With this context, the conference gave participants a platform to talk about the most recent developments in cybersecurity and to devise plans for fending off future threats.

This is the second time since the summit was launched in 2015 that the Threat Experts Summit has been held in Cebu and is the first major gathering for Trend Micro’s threat researchers since the lifting of pandemic restrictions.

“The Philippines is very dear to Trend Micro and presents massive opportunities for growth. We need to narrow the cybersecurity skills gap versus the ever-widening attack surface and build secure infrastructure. There is still so much to improve on to equip us against future threats,” said Alma Saturnino-Alvarez, Trend Micro’s Director of Threat Hunting and Cybersecurity Education.

Trend Micro has aggressively championed cybersecurity in the Philippines, with events like the TES, strategic partnerships in private and public spaces, informative training, comprehensive workshops, and its annual public cybersecurity conference DECODE.

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“We’ve had great feedback from our DECODE attendees in the past years,” says Saturnino-Alvarez. “With that, we are bringing DECODE back this 2023 to upgrade the information technology skills of Filipinos and provide the most recent knowledge on cybersecurity trends.”

DECODE is held toward the end of the year. It is free and open to the public, with some of the threat experts from the TES returning to speak.