Top 5 Best Gadgets for an Amazing Summer Travel

It’s time for that great summer escapade. Warm and sunny beaches, biking and hiking in the mountains, outdoor picnics, road trips and tours. An even perfect moment to spend the summer heat with family at the backyard with a tent.

Top 5 Best Gadgets for an amazing summer travel | Good Guy Gadgets
The amazing family summer travel [Photo: Newsroom]

Wherever you and your family may go this summer, there must be gadgets and gizmos you would like to bring along and use to help you with the trip.

Here are some gadgets you would like to consider bringing before you leave for your family summer travel.

Top 5 Gadgets for Summer Travel with Family

Top 5 Best Gadgets for an amazing summer travel | Good Guy Gadgets

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

What best way to enjoy an outdoor fun with the family this summer but with a great view and a background of your favorite music. A portable Bluetooth speaker can add some tunes wherever you may be: camping sites, beach huts, or while traveling in a bus ride with friends. I like the Oontz Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker, a cutting edge audio playing device that can put an A-game while you watch movies from your mobile devices or netbooks with Bluetooth pairing capacity.

A water-resistant, splash proof and sand proof Bluetooth speaker that is ideal for a pool party night with friends. It comes with a 10-meter wireless range, and a 7-hours power with its 2200mAh lithium-ion battery.

Currently priced online at only ₱1,999.00 and it comes in Black, Blue and Red color variants.

USB Battery Pack

Top 5 Best Gadgets for an amazing summer travel | Good Guy Gadgets

Commonly known as power banks, I’ve been bringing mine everyday. I love them. A simple, and portable external battery pack to recharge all your devices. They are available in different sizes, colors and charging capacities. Since they are affordable, it’s difficult not to recommend one of these to everyone. A tested and proven brand for battery pack is from Romoss.

The Romoss Solo 5 edition is a 10000 mAh battery pack and is available with FREE Romoss AC12 iCharger 2.1A Adapter for fast charging. A 10000 mAh Romoss battery pack may take 13 hours to fully recharge. But with the iCharger Fast Charging Adapter, it will slice the charging time into half.

Price range from ₱500.00 to ₱3,000.00 depending on charging capacity and number of USB ports.

Unlocked Mobile Pocket WiFi

No matter what your network is on your smartphones, it’s much better to carry with you a mobile pocket WiFi that can support any provider possible when you’re on-the-go. An unlocked (openline) mobile pocket WiFi device will let you connect to reliable Internet if needed be to share your photos and update your social networking sites of your whereabouts.

Top 5 Best Gadgets for an amazing summer travel | Good Guy Gadgets

If you’re in a hotel or hostel, sometimes the Internet they provide is not reliable as it is shared to all guests (also it does not reach at all points in the vicinity).

The TP-Link M7350 Advanced Mobile WiFi can provide 3G, 4G/LTE Internet connection and has the capability to be shared to up to 10 devices. It has a 2550 mAh internal battery that can be used to connect for 10 hours. All you need to do is purchase a mobile Internet prepaid SIM card from any provider and top up to avail Internet connection depending on how long is your travel or how long you needed to connect online.

The TP-Link M7350 Advanced Mobile WiFi is currently be bought online for only ₱ 3,900.00.


Top 5 Best Gadgets for an amazing summer travel | Good Guy Gadgets

Any action camcorder device is enough to capture your amazing travel with family and friends. However, GoPro is already on its stage where it is the first and maybe the sought after brand for an action camera. It is perfect to record videos and take amazing photos both on-land and underwater (with accessories needed for waterproof capabilities). The GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition is a 12 MP action camera that can take clear pictures and can record 3840 x 2160 resolution on videos.

It is somehow pricey on its tag for ₱16,990.00 (price may vary), but investing to one is worth it.

USB Car Charger Adapter

Lastly, if you’re transporting by car for a long travel period, it is necessary to have a charger for your devices, most especially if you use your smartphone for navigation with its screen always on. A good USB car charger is the key to always juice up your devices while traveling and it will ensure to also provide continuous fun for the kids with their game consoles, tablets or smartphone devices while waiting for your trip to end, to and from your destination.

Top 5 Best Gadgets for an amazing summer travel | Good Guy Gadgets

There are lots of brand to provide you with this need, and a Belkin Charger Kit with Lightning to USB Cable is one of them. It can fast charge your device 5 times better than the built-in power supplied on your car, and it has a wall charger included that can support USB charging with Lightning cord for your Apple devices.

The Belkin Charger Kit with Lightning to USB Cable is available online for only ₱2,450.00.

Other USB Car Charger Adapters are already available from other brands.

These recommended gadgets will surely give you an amazing summer travel with your family wherever you may go. And they will also have fun experiences while they take great memories captured on photo and video.