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Stylish vívomove Sport hybrid smartwatch by Garmin is a timeless blend of fashion and function

Garmin Philippines announced the new vívomove Sport, a hybrid smartwatch with real ticking watch hands that move to reveal a hidden touchscreen display. Engineered on the inside for life on the outside, Garmin products have revolutionized the wellness industry. Committed to developing wearables and health measurement tools that help people of all activity levels lead healthier lives, Garmin believes every day is an opportunity to innovate and a chance to beat yesterday.

Stylish vívomove Sport hybrid smartwatch by Garmin is a timeless blend of fashion and function | Good Guy Gadgets
vívomove Sport comes in different stylish colors – Ivory, Cocoa, Cool Mint and Black to choose from to meet different tastes in style.

Stylish vívomove Sport hybrid smartwatch by Garmin is a timeless blend of fashion and function

Designed for those who seek a fashionable way to stay connected while tracking their health and fitness, the vívomove Sport features a full suite of health and wellness tools, including Body BatteryTM energy monitoring, all-day stress tracking, advanced sleep monitoring, built-in sports apps with connected GPS and more. New unique colorways make vívomove Sport the ultimate wellness accessory.

“Garmin Philippines continues to expand its vívomove series, a unique product line within the Garmin wearable family, with the arrival of the entry-level vívomove Sport, making it more accessible to Filipinos in the country,” said Garmin Asia Director Scoppen Lin. “A smartwatch is only useful if you wear it, and we know that many people still want the look of a traditional timepiece with real hands. With vívomove Sport, you can have the best of both worlds at a friendly price point.”

Style with a twist

The vívomove Sport has the appearance of a traditional watch with the essentials of a smartwatch. It is designed with real ticking watch hands and a hidden display that only appears when needed. Interact with the touchscreen, and the hands dynamically move away.

Inspired by the luxe comfort trend, the vívomove Sport features a silicone band and color-coordinated watch dial in warm colorways and a soft green reminiscent of sophisticated wellness aesthetics. Refined metallic accents add dimension and lend a sleek, contemporary feel.

Health and wellness

Know the body better with an extensive range of tools that leverage Garmin’s industry-leading health features for whole-body well-being.

  • The vívomove Sport provides health awareness by monitoring respiration, Pulse Ox1, stress, advanced sleep (with sleep stages), hydration logging, and 24/7 heart rate (with user-configurable alerts for high or low readings)2.
  • Body BatteryTM energy monitoring shows the body’s current energy level which can help with scheduling workouts, big events, and understanding when it is time to slow down.
  • Women’s health features, including menstrual cycle tracking and pregnancy tracking, support women during each stage of their reproductive cycle with the ability to log symptoms alongside their other health and wellness data in the Garmin ConnectTM app.
  • Breathwork activities guide the user through a relaxing series of breaths and holds for focus and stress relief.

Fit and sporty

As its name suggests, the vívomove Sport is equally at home in the gym as it is on the town with friends, and includes a variety of features to enable an active lifestyle.

  • Includes built-in sports apps for yoga, strength, Pilates, cardio, treadmill, cycling, and more.
    Connects to a compatible smartphone’s GPS to accurately track distance and pace during outdoor walks, runs, and bike rides.
  • Monitor activity throughout the day with step counting, calories burned, intensity minutes, and more.
  • Safety and tracking features send a message with the user’s location to their emergency contacts3 for peace of mind when out and about.
vívomove Sport is designed for everyone’s lifestyle. | Good Guy Gadgets
vívomove Sport is designed for everyone’s lifestyle.

Everyday wear

The vívomove Sport’s unique hybrid design allows users to discreetly stay connected when paired with a compatible smartphone.

  • Battery life of up to 5 days in smartwatch mode with up to an additional day in watch mode (hands only).
    Smart notifications for incoming calls, text messages, social media updates, and alerts. AndroidTM users can respond to texts. See what the day holds with a dedicated calendar screen.
  • Health and fitness data live all in one place in the Garmin Connect app where users can go to connect, compete and share.
  • Unlike many smartwatches, the vívomove Sport can be used with either Android or Apple® smartphones.

Partnership with Penny Pairs

Garmin is proud to collaborate with Penny Pairs, a popular Filipino jewelry brand, for the pre-order promotion and launch of vívomove Sport in the Philippines. This partnership perfectly reflects vívomove Sport hybrid watches and Penny Pairs jewelry’s stylish features, timeless designs and affordability both offer to their customers. Penny Pairs will be sponsoring jewelry for limited vívomove Sport buyers, as well as discount vouchers for the winners of the upcoming Garmin PH’s #WhatDoesTimeLookLike social media contest. Visit Garmin Philippines’ social media channels for updates.

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Availability and vivomove Sport Virtual Launch

The vívomove Sport will officially launch in the Philippines today, February 8, 2022, to be available for purchase in all Garmin Brand Stores, official online Garmin stores (Lazada, Shopee, Kinetic), and the Garmin PH Viber Community. Check out Garmin Philippines’ Facebook and YouTube Live video launch on the same date! Social media influencers Ella Fortun, Jessica Yang, and Denise Heredia will make appearances and share their sentiments on #WhatDoesTimeLookLike and vívomove Sport smartwatch’s #DesignThatIsOnPoint.

Stay tuned to Garmin Philippines’ social media channels. Visit the vívomove® Sport minisite, and follow on Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to YouTube for updates.


  1. This is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition; see Pulse Ox is not available in all countries.
  2. See
  3. When paired with a compatible smartphone. For safety and tracking features requirements and limitations, see