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Salarium: The go-to payroll solution for businesses

Payroll, payment, taxes, and calculation are inherently complicated. Salarium, a payroll software system, aims to remove the complexity that those words convey. Simplifying payroll can be daunting, but it’s possible. The people behind this innovation want to empower their customers to understand and to master complex business processes.

Salarium: The go-to payroll solution for businesses | Good Guy Gadgets

Salarium: The go-to payroll solution for businesses

Quality is at the core of everything that they do. Salarium understands the responsibility that clients place in their company, and they do whatever they can to treat it with the level of service that it requires. The software and operational processes are constantly being reviewed for continuous improvement and quality management. Salarium is passionate about delighting the users. The products and services they offer are meant to provide efficiency and ease in running the HR department of businesses of any size. Their employee interactions are meant to be easy and to help human resources maximize the value to their companies.

Salarium aims to be the go-to payroll solution for businesses by providing cutting edge software at an economical price point. Their goal is to provide clients with an unrivaled solution that ultimately leads to financial inclusion of their companies and staff.

Attendance, payroll, and payout are done all in one system. Salarium already helped over 500 companies making it the leading Payroll Software built specifically for any business needs.

Salarium: The go-to payroll solution for businesses | Good Guy Gadgets

Time and Attendance

With Salarium, one can track and manage time and attendance records in a way that’s ideal for any business. It is timekeeping done in any way customizable for the business’ needs.

Mobile Clock-in. Employees can clock in and out of work using their mobile phones. It comes with IP restrictions to ensure that everyone clocks in and out at the right place.

Biometrics. The most popular and secure timekeeping method is through a biometrics system. The biometric devices work on a plug-and-play basis and connect to Wi-Fi, local area, and 3G networks. Attendance data are delivered to the web software in real-time.

Electronic Bundy Clock. It is made possible with Salarium to let employees clock in and out of work using their PCs or tablets. Location restrictions are available to give control over where employees can update their time records.

Timesheet Management. Employees can submit timesheets ideal for timekeeping management and approvals. An employee can have a record of the number of work hours spent per project or task for a simple time reporting.

Time Record Integration. Salarium can integrate with existing time systems through CSV-file-uploads or API integration. Time and attendance data are pulled in easier and faster.

Salarium: The go-to payroll solution for businesses | Good Guy Gadgets


Salarium takes in all of the current payroll settings, computes pay in compliance with labor laws and tax rules, and has four main outputs.

Finance Reports. Payroll managers and/or in-charge can set up expenses employees can reimburse. No more filling out request and expense forms.

Government Reports. Salarium eliminates manual filling out of government forms.

Payslips. With the help of Salarium and its available operational processes, pay records can be produced and reproduced as fast as 1,000 employees in 5 minutes.

Disbursement. Avoid incorrect computations of pay and time-consuming disputes. Get deductions and contributions automatically.

Salarium: The go-to payroll solution for businesses | Good Guy Gadgets

Paying Employees

SALPay is a cash card paired with a cutting edge electronic wallet. It is the safest way to pay employees available at the Salarium Payroll system. Once the payroll is done, administrators can simply push a button to disburse pay anytime. Typical banks still rely on uploaded disbursement instructions in plain text files, which are incredibly prone to human error. With SALPay, businesses never have to worry about making mistakes in paying their employees.

With SalPay, it empowers employees to do more with their pay:

E-Banking. Track account transactions, balances, and payments easily from any phone or PC.

Bills Payment. Send payments to over 120 businesses and service providers in the country, including major telecommunication companies and banks.

Easy Cashout. Withdraw from any ATM or conveniently transfer funds to major banks and pawnshops.

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Salarium constantly striving to meet changing industry needs. Human Resource and technology landscapes are rapidly evolving. Our organization invests heavily in research and development as well as in continuous operational improvement to make sure that we can meet the challenges of the future.

See how Salarium works. Visit their website today.