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realme PH launches new smart home devices, expands AIoT lineup for the Filipino smart digital lifestyle

Your digital lifestyle companion, realme, dares to leap to the next generation of technology by expanding its portfolio of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) and smart lifestyle devices. The new products to be introduced by realme are the realme M1 Sonic Electric toothbrush, realme Smart Scale, realme Smart Cam 360, and realme Adventurer Luggage, which will all be available starting November 11 – just in time for realme’s Big Christmas 11.11 promo on Lazada and Shopee. As your digital lifestyle companion, realme Philippines is committed to empowering the Filipinos with an ecosystem of trendsetting products, interlinked through the realme Link App.

realme PH launches new smart home devices, expands AIoT lineup for the Filipino smart digital lifestyle | Good Guy Gadgets

realme PH launches new smart home devices, expands AIoT lineup for the Filipino smart digital lifestyle

“There is a growing demand for connected devices that bring the best in technology, making daily life easier, more convenient, and much more efficient. We at realme Philippines want the Filipinos to experience this convenience as we launch four AIoT and smart devices along [with] our biggest sale yet for this holiday season”, shares VP for Marketing Austine Huang.

Achieve healthier goals with realme

With the introduction of its smart toothbrush and smart scale, realme is helping promote better oral health and personal fitness.

realme M1 Sonic Electric toothbrush | Good Guy Gadgets

For your Perfect Oral Health – realme M1 Sonic Electric toothbrush redefines perfect oral health with its four cleaning modes – soft mode for sensitive teeth, the clean mode for daily use, the white mode for deep cleaning, and polish mode for shining teeth. The realme M1 Sonic Electric toothbrush is one of the few in its price segment to have various modes, favorable for the mitigation of risks posed by dental problems. The Dupont™ 99.99% antibacterial bristles paired with 10⁰ stable swing help mitigate the risks of dental problems. Powered by a high-frequency sonic motor, it can vibrate up to 34,000 times per minute with less than 60dB noise to improve user experience. It has 90 days lifespan and supports quick wireless charging.

realme Smart scale | Good Guy Gadgets

Scale Up your Change – with realme Smart scale the newest health monitor that will help achieve and maintain personal goals. It provides a wide array of data for careful analysis and monitoring including body fat through its high-precision Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) sensor. Optimized using the realme Link App and the real-time heart sensor, the smart scale provides static heart rate information through a comprehensive health report for multiple profiles for every family member.

It has 16 types of health measurement data including weight, fat rate, body shape, BMI, muscle mass, body age, visceral fat level, skeletal muscle, protein, fat mass, and heart rate, among others. It also has a special small weight mode which can accurately measure the weight up to 10 grams for pets or other small items. It sports an ultra-thin design with a hidden LED display made of tempered glass material and powered by a long battery life of up to 360 days.

Safer home and travel style with realme

360⁰ Vision and 24/7 Protection – Take home protection to a new level with the realme Smart Cam 360⁰. Its 360⁰ panoramic vision and real-time tracking with voice talkback provide added security, functionality, and all-around safety. The smart cam can be also accessed via the realme Link App.

realme Smart Cam 360⁰ | Good Guy Gadgets

Its 24/7 coverage performance is ultra-clear thanks to infrared night vision, full color in low light, 3D noise-canceling, and edge distortion correction features. Its AI detection monitor automatically sends alerts for any human body, voice, or motion anomalies. It uses a 1080p wide dynamic range and full HD video technology. The high-quality video technology of the realme smart cam allows users to have an extra layer of security with the quality coverage that the smart cam produces. The new generation of H.265 video encoding technology also makes the video playback smoother and faster. Simultaneously, it can also save bandwidth and storage. It also automatically identifies events with its AI video retrieval.

The Adventurer luggage | Good Guy Gadgets

Adventure Never Stops – while planning for the next travel adventure, realme Philippines offers the newest faithful partner on the road. The Adventurer luggage is built with a lightweight flexicube design inspired by the Rubik’s cube. The addition of spark texture makes the luggage appear younger and more stylish.

Its layers of protection are made of 100% Bayer Makrolon® durable PC material that provides 40% more strength than traditional ABS material. For added security, it has TSA-approved locks for a worry-free getaway.

The biggest realme offers only on 11.11

The biggest realme offers only on 11.11 | Good Guy Gadgets

realme Philippines announces its biggest sale of the year on November 11 with Shopee and Lazada. All the new smart and digital lifestyle devices will be available at discounted prices on November 11 through the official flagship Shopee and Lazada stores. realme M1 Sonic Electric toothbrush and realme Smart scale are discounted to a price of ₱1,490 and ₱1,090, from their original price of ₱1,990 and ₱1,590, respectively. Both are available in blue and white color variants. realme Smart Cam 360 is discounted to ₱1,490, from its original price of ₱1,990 while the realme Adventurer Luggage available in Greenland Black color retails at a discounted price of ₱2,490 from ₱2,990.

Product Name Original selling price 11.11 sale price
realme M1 Sonic Electric toothbrush ₱1,990 ₱1,490
realme Smart scale (Blue) (White) ₱1,590 ₱1,090
realme Smart Cam 360⁰ ₱1,990 ₱1,490
realme Adventurer Luggage ₱2,990 ₱2,490

Fans are in for a treat of up to ₱2,500 worth of price discounts on selected smartphones including realme X3 and the realme C, 6, and 7 series, and smart wearables and accessories. The newly launched realme narzo 20 is exclusively available on Lazada with a special discount of ₱500. All authorized stores and partner kiosks nationwide will also hold a flash sale on November 11.

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Full details of the promos and other updates are available through realme Philippines’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts.