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realme becomes first smartphone brand in PH to launch TikTok live shopping

The Philippines’ no. 1 smartphone brand for 2021, realme, continues to innovate and widen its reach in the country by partnering with leading content and entertainment platform TikTok to be the first-ever smartphone brand to launch in the TikTok Shop Philippines. This is in line with the brand’s commitment to increase its accessibility by seeking new and emerging channels relevant to its audience.

realme becomes first smartphone brand in PH to launch TikTok live shopping | Good Guy Gadgets

realme becomes first smartphone brand in PH to launch TikTok live shopping

“We know the recent emergence of the live shopping format and ‘shoppertainment’ has piqued the interest of today’s consumers and has since opened up so many opportunities for brands to connect with their audience. As a brand that’s for and by the youth, we aim to be at the forefront of this digital movement,” shares Austine Huang, realme Philippines’ VP for Marketing.

On April 25, the brand launched its first-ever TikTok Shop and live shopping session where the realme Squad got to know more about realme’s latest products and win exciting prizes. This initiative makes realme the first smartphone brand to board TikTok Shop in the Philippines.

“Through our global partnership with TikTok, we hope to engage with this new generation of shoppers by providing them a channel where they can discover and instantly purchase our products, as well as directly communicate with the brand in real-time, all in a channel that’s native to their online behavior,” shares Huang.

Leveraging its expansive reach on the platform, realme continues to redefine live shopping and promotions through authentic and entertaining content that resonates with its audience. Since it launched its TikTok channel in 2020, the brand has generated ​​over 1 million followers and more than 6 million likes.

“We are excited to have realme onboard as a partner in promoting. We hope that TikTok Shop and realme will help shape the e-commerce space in the Philippines and encourage more local businesses to maximize the opportunities to engage with their customers and drive business results on TikTok Shop,” shares Kristoffer Rada, TikTok Head for Public Policy.

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The realme TikTok Shop will continue to hold frequent live shopping sessions starting this month. The realme Squad can look forward to incredible discounts, surprises, and many more!

For more information and updates, follow realme Philippines on TikTok, or visit the official realme website.