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Nokia G21 now available for pre-order in the Philippines, check price and technical specs

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announces the newest member of the G-series family, the Nokia G21. Challenging affordable smartphones, it comes with impressive three-day battery life and 50 percent better display refresh for an extra smooth experience.

Nokia G21 now available for pre-order in the Philippines, check price and technical specs | Good Guy Gadgets

Nokia G21 now available for pre-order in the Philippines, check price and technical specs

“Our mission from day one has been to make quality mobile technology accessible to everyone around the world. Since we introduced the G-series globally and in the Philippines last year, we’ve enhanced each new addition that has followed in every way – the Nokia G21 encompasses all our hard work,” said Sancho Chak, HMD Global General Manager for Philippines, Hong Kong, and Thailand. “And not only today but for years to come thanks to our regular software updates and quality materials. We believe in connecting the world without costing the earth. We want to empower Filipinos to feel good about keeping their smartphone for longer and combat the upgrade culture so we can all reduce our carbon footprint.”

Unrivalled protection for mobile technology that lasts for longer

Unrivalled protection for mobile technology that lasts for longer | Good Guy Gadgets

Three years of monthly security updates and offering more updates than most smartphones in this price range means the Nokia G21 will work seamlessly in the background to protect users, so they can go about the day worry-free.

Introducing Mask mode to affordable smartphones, available for the first time on the Nokia G21, ensures the convenience of face unlock that is never disrupted and it keeps user data safe with or without a protective face mask. The device is also ready for Android 12TM, so users may always have access to the latest features and have a smartphone that can be kept for longer.

Supported by industry-leading partners for best-in-class experiences, the Nokia G21 comes pre-loaded with Spotify and ExpressVPN. Spotify will give Nokia smartphone owners access to 70 million tracks and 3.2 million podcasts out of the box. For enhanced privacy and added peace of mind, ExpressVPN will be available on all new Nokia smartphones with a 30-day free trial.

A smartphone that gives users the freedom to do more

A smartphone that gives users the freedom to do more | Good Guy Gadgets

Channeling the Nokia feature phone legacy to the world of smartphones, the Nokia G21 makes battery life, a common pain point for consumers, a thing of the past. With unmatched three-day battery life, users can go on a full weekend getaway without a charger. Fans can turn on the all-new bespoke Super Battery Saver mode to make the phone last even longer – available exclusively on selected Nokia phones. Users can even choose where exactly the energy savings are made, so they can still access key features that are needed.

The Nokia G21 allows this feature to be switched on at 20 percent, rather than waiting until the battery dips down to 10 percent, as per the standard Android solution, enabling users to prolong it even further. When the time to fuel up arrives, 18W fast charging ensures users won’t have to wait long to get going again.

Fast response for increased productivity and immersive entertainment

Unlocking the power of 90Hz for the first time in G-series, the improved refresh rate makes scrolling and typing even more fluid, and photos look smoother. From reading the news to drafting emails, the improved response to touch brings an even more seamless experience. For the first time, users can now stream Netflix in HD making for optimum streaming of all the fan-favorite movies and TV shows on the go on the Nokia G21.

Breathtaking photography

Breathtaking photography | Good Guy Gadgets

Delivering beautiful detail even in low light, the Nokia G21 has 50MP triple-lens camera that fully equips anyone to create professional-looking photography. On the front are the AI smarts to ensure that evening selfies will have just the right amount of light and clarity.

New design, same Finnish durability

New design, same Finnish durability | Good Guy Gadgets

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Introducing an all-new design, the Nokia G21 is thinner and more ergonomic. Made from a tough polycarbonate, the new design honors the durability and Nordic excellence one can expect from a Nokia phone whilst bringing a refreshed look to the range. For extra peace of mind, the Nokia G21 Clear Case will show off the phone’s beauty. It is made from 100 percent recycled materials and can also be recycled after use.

Pricing and Availability

The Nokia G21 is now available for pre-order in Nordic Blue color variant and in 6GB/128GB configuration for ₱9,990. Grab yours at the Nokia mobile Shopee store. The first 100 buyers will get FREE Nokia Ear Buds (worth ₱1,590).