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Motorcycle Care is Self-Care! Essential Do-It-Yourself Maintenance Habits to Develop for a safer ride

For an avid motorcycle rider, there are few things that, for sure, linger at the back of your mind, nagging you every day. You fear that there might be breakdowns. You worry about scratches. And, of course, you are concerned about those costly major repairs—or worse, finding out that your motorcycle is not in its tiptop shape when you need it the most. That is why proper motorcycle care is important to help you maximize the use of the motorcycle and its features, as well as prolong its life.

Motorcycle Care is Self-Care! Essential Do-It-Yourself Maintenance Habits to Develop for a safer ride | Good Guy Gadgets

Motorcycle Care is Self-Care! Essential Do-It-Yourself Maintenance Habits to Develop for a safer ride

While you can go to your trusted mechanic for regular checkups, knowing some little do-it-yourself maintenance up your sleeves could help you take those worries away. As for your motorcycle, this means ensuring that your ride is always in good working condition, especially if it’s packed with cutting-edge features.

What are the basic things you need to know as part of your maintenance checkups? Here’s are some of these handy care tips, as listed by Honda Philippines:

Clean the bike regularly.

Keeping your motorcycle clean will not only make it look nice but will help with maintenance, too. By doing so, it makes it easier for you to notice missing or loose bolts and nuts. It is also ideal to use a microfiber cloth to clean the surface of your bike. Lastly, do not overexpose it to direct sunlight. Park your bike in the shade.

Check the tire condition regularly.

It is crucial to have a thorough look at the condition of your motorcycle, particularly the air pressure of its tires. Start by checking the wheel balance and alignment. Then, make sure that the air pressure is maintained at the recommended levels. Also, check for possible cuts and scrapes that could cause undesirable things like a tire blowout. Include the inspection of the tire treads at least once a week. If you find any significant problems, do seek the help of your mechanic.

Change the oil.

Engine oils lubricate your gears and engines. If you fail to change the engine oil, it might cause damage. That is why the owner’s manual of your motorcycle usually specifies how frequently you need to top up or change it. Regularly check the engine oil level and make sure that you maintain the correct level. The right amount of clean oil ensures that your bike will run smoothly for miles to come.

Change the Air Filter.

Air filters are arguably the easiest to change in your garage. These filters keep dirt and other debris out of your bike’s main operational components so, you need to inspect and replace them based on the prescribed schedule. You may also seek your trusted auto mechanic service more frequently when riding in unusually wet or dusty areas. Meanwhile, cleaning of air filters of most Honda motorcycles, like the AirBlade150, is not necessarily so, it might no longer be a concern when you own one of them.

Lube the Motorcycle Chain.

It is integral to lubricate your chains. Otherwise, it may cause damages due to excess heat and will wear out. This cumulative wear on all the separate links makes the chain lose and more likely to fall off the sprockets.

Check the basics.

Lastly, it also pays to check some essential components on your bike every day or before using it. Here are some of these things:

  • Check the fuel level to confirm it’s not leaking.
  • Check all your fluid levels, such as oil, brake fluid, and coolant.
  • Check the throttle cable free play.
  • Check your lights and horn.
  • Check the clutch lever free play.
  • Ensure smooth steering movement and notice if there are no restrictions.
  • Adjust the rear viewing span of a mirror if you think it is needed.
  • Check brake hoses for chafing or leakage.

AirBlade150: The Cutting Edge

AirBlade150: The Cutting Edge | Good Guy Gadgets
The Honda AirBlade150 in Candy Ross Red, Candy Caribbean Blue Sea, and Matte Galaxy Black Metallic.

The stylish ride, AirBlade150, ideal for courageous Filipinos, boasts of its front-wheel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) that prevents wheels from locking up and avoids accidents, along with a smart key with added protection from theft. It also has a powerful 150cc SOHC liquid-cooled PGM-Fi eSP engine for superior stop-and-go function and fuel efficiency of 47km/L.

Its other features include a slim body design, a 22.7L U-Box for storage with a power outlet and LED Lamp, and a digital meter panel. It comes in Matte Galaxy Black Metallic, Candy Caribbean Blue Sea, and Candy Ross Red color variants with a suggested retail price of ₱109,000.

While the simple motorcycle care tips mentioned above will help keep your bike in its tiptop condition, it’s still best to visit your trusted professional mechanic based on its prescribed maintenance schedule. These tips are also applicable not just to AirBlade150 but also to other bikes.

So, if you have a motorcycle as stylish and cutting-edge as AirBlade150, start developing these motorcycle care habits now! Remember that by taking care of your motorcycle, you are also taking care of yourself as you ensure that your every ride is safe and smooth.

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