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JBL Everest 300: The Pinnacle of Wireless Audio

The JBL Everest 300 is a legendary wireless headphone for an amazing sound set free. It has Bluetooth 4.1 that enables wireless connectivity, a JBL Pro Audio Sound that delivers a dynamic listening experience, and sculpted ear cushions allow for unprecedented fit and comfort on your ears.

JBL Everest 300 | Good Guy Gadgets

Enjoy up to 20 hours of playback With its rechargeable battery on a single charge. Connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device for amazing sound quality without the hassle of wires.

Enjoy the same elevated experience and incredible sound JBL has been delivering to concert halls, studios and living rooms for almost 70 years.

Dynamic Audio Listening Experience

JBL Everest 300 | Good Guy Gadgets

The JBL Everest 300 is equipped with a JBL Pro Audio Sound System that gives you the most intensive and dynamic listening experience on a wireless headphone. The advanced music technology from JBL, Share Me 2.0, allows you to a wireless sharing of music, videos, and games, now you can dance alone or with a partner free from limits. Only JBL enables your friend’s Bluetooth headphones to connect with yours – easily and wirelessly.

JBL Everest 300 | Good Guy Gadgets

The JBL Everest 300 headphones are ergonomically designed to fit the unique contour of your ears. You’ll experience unprecedented comfort. Listen longer and enjoy it more.

Not only you can listen to music or share them with other paired JBL Everest 300 device, you can also accept phone calls and answer them hands-free with echo cancellation technology delivers natural sounding calls and built-in microphone.

JBL Everest 300 | Good Guy Gadgets

JBL Everest 300 Product Specifications

Bluetooth 4.1
Legendary JBL Pro Audio Sound
Best-In-Class Ergonomics
Share Me 2.0
Built in Microphone
Sensitivity: 100dB/1kHz, 1mW
Frequency: Response 10-22kHz
Driver: 40mm
Weight: 245 grams

The JBL Everest 300 on-ear wireless headphones are available online via the Lazada Philippines website for only ₱9,990.00 or you can check other JBL products here.

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