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Internet to be the “new TV” for more Filipino homes

A majority of Filipino households still have limited to no access to Internet connectivity, despite the highly social and connected nature of the population. As a result, most households still heavily rely on traditional services like free or cable TV for their social and entertainment activities inside the home. This is due to many factors such as the lack of more affordable Internet packages, and limited in-home coverage predominantly in the lower segments.

Internet to be the “new TV” for more Filipino homes | Good Guy Gadgets
Globe at Home Prepaid Vice President Winsley Bangit at the APAC Android TV Summit 2019 held in Bangkok, Thailand

Internet to be the “new TV” for more Filipino homes

Speaking at the APAC Android TV Summit 2019 in Bangkok, Globe at Home Prepaid Vice President Winsley Bangit discussed the rapid developments in the home Internet consumer habits in the Philippines and Globe’s role in accelerating such developments. Fueled by improvements in digital infrastructure and the growing affordability of devices and data packs, more Filipinos are online now more than ever and are beginning to seek content that they previously get from just traditional TV or cable via the Internet.

“The Philippines is known for its deep passion [for] using the Internet for a variety of purposes – entertainment, social media, and now we recently discovered, life-enablement opportunities,” shared Bangit. “By bringing affordable Internet to more families, the significance of connectivity becomes more profound in the day-to-day activities inside the home.”

To further their vision of connecting more Filipino homes, Globe introduced the country’s first prepaid home Internet device in 2017 – the Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi. And in early 2019, another first-in-the-world innovation was launched in the market – the Globe Streamwatch Xtreme Prepaid – an Internet TV device that serves as a Prepaid WiFi device, Android TV, digital free TV box and karaoke-ready machine all for a one-time payment of ₱2999 (under $60).

Internet to be the “new TV” for more Filipino homes | Good Guy Gadgets

“Our obsession for the customer continues to help us provide enablement beyond entertainment to more Filipino homes. Globe Streamwatch Xtreme Prepaid is only our latest move in pushing the boundaries of bundling home TV solutions with the affordable and reliable home Internet in the Philippines,” said Bangit.

The APAC Android TV Summit 2019 was held at The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand last November 12-14. Attendees included over a hundred TV and telco operators, TV set manufacturers, SOCs, OEMs, System Integrators, Broadcasters, Publishers, Digital Advertisers and key opinion leaders across the region.

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