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Globe harnesses digital technologies as PH adjusts to new normal

Globe Telecom is all set to harness the complete potential of digitalization to enhance operational efficiency and provide better customer experience as the Philippines transitions to the new normal.

Globe harnesses digital technologies as PH adjusts to new normal | Good Guy Gadgets

Globe harnesses digital technologies as PH adjusts to new normal

The past two months have seen a sudden shift from physical to digital — with companies adopting the work-from-home setup, schools pushing for online learning, brick-and-mortar stores selling goods online, consumers relying on the internet as a source of entertainment, among other changes.

With these developments, Globe is looking into various ways to unlock value in digital technology to deliver seamless, frictionless, immersive, and consistent digital experiences to its customers.

Steps being undertaken by the company include creating robust digital platforms and applications for seamless service delivery for its mobile and broadband customers, forging partnerships to create innovative content-driven experiences for customers, constant improvement of digital sales and care channels, and use of multiple and integrated channels that create a cohesive and personalized customer experience.

“We have seen the digital shift a couple of years back but the level of adoption then was too low. The community quarantine forced many people to adapt to digital applications. As customers become more used to the digital environment, we will see a lot of innovations coming in which will form the new normal,” said Ernest Cu, Globe President, and CEO.

At the same time, Globe empowers the local economy in its digital transformation by helping businesses flourish through the right technology, infrastructure, solutions, and know-how. It also enables small business owners to offer more products and services to stimulate the e-commerce industry and the digital economy.

These initiatives also work towards the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Goals No. 9 on Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure since game-changing technologies such as smartphones, cloud computing, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence help drive digital economy and economic growth.

To keep pace with the digital transition, Globe acknowledges the necessity to effectively adapt to disruptive shifts in technology and volatile business environments while honing workforce skillsets and devising innovative business models.

Thus, at the forefront of the company’s efforts are its workforce who continuously ideate and design unique value propositions for the customers using various digital tools, knowledge, and platforms such as cloud, low code tools, and robotic process automation.

Globe believes that with its employees adopting Simple, Digital, Agile delivery service, the company can ensure faster time to market, efficient delivery, effective cost management, and better collaboration.

For several years now, Globe has embedded digital innovations in its service delivery and internal operations to help accelerate digital adoption in the country. It also continues to build its digital portfolio to enhance customer experience, security, and trust.

Globe harnesses digital technologies as PH adjusts to new normal | Good Guy Gadgets

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These initiatives and applications address challenges not only by Globe customers but society as well and provide an avenue to push the boundaries of the company’s core business activities.