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Globe At Home gives Free Data to New Internet Subscribers

As part of its commitment to creating wonderful experiences for Filipinos to have access to better choices and enjoy life, Globe is making the internet accessible by giving away a limited-time offer of a FREE HomeSURF99 promo to new Globe At Home subscribers.

Globe At Home gives Free Data to New Internet Subscribers | Good Guy Gadgets

Globe At Home gives Free Data to New Internet Subscribers

Purchase and activate your Globe At Home device (Myfi, Home Prepaid WiFi, Xtreme Prepaid WiFi, and LTE-Advanced Prepaid WiFi) through Globe’s partner merchants from May 15 to June 15, 2021, and gain access to your favorite blockbuster movies and dramas, play mobile games, and catch up with family and friends on social media with HomeSURF99.

On top of already receiving free 10GB data, this exclusive promo gives you more – 15GB of internet data you can use for five days, which includes 10GB for all sites and 1GB of daily Watch, Learn, Chat, and Earn apps such as Messenger, Shopee, YouTube, and more!

“At Globe, we believe every Filipino should be empowered with internet access,” says Barbara Dapul, VP for Broadband Marketing of Globe Telecom. “That’s why we continue to look for practical ways to make it fast, reliable, affordable, and accessible to anyone and everyone.”

The exclusive promo is part of Globe Telecom’s continuous efforts to pave the way for first-world network innovations in the country. In addition to this initiative, Globe has ongoing programs to address critical issues such as climate change and future-proofing small and medium businesses. Globe is also aggressively building its network to meet the growing demand for faster and better internet connectivity.

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Globe’s partner merchants include the following retailers which are present online and in-store: Puregold, SM, Grabmart, Abenson, Memo Xpress, Silicon Valley, SM Appliance, Waltermart, 7 Eleven, SM Gadgets Hub, Intogadgets, C.CELLZONE, Metro Gaisano, Rustan Supercenters, Tech 101, Gate Shopee Mall, Home Along, AFPCES, Lawson, and Moeder.

Prepaid WiFi device availability may vary per partner.