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Global Dominion joins the fight against scammers and fake accounts

Before 2023 ended, Global Dominion reported a case of unauthorized use of the company’s name in what appeared to be a mobile application. This concern was brought up by a concerned individual via Global Dominion’s customer service and complaints division (CSC). The company then submitted a report to the National Bureau of Investigation’s (NBI) Cyber Crime Division.

Global Dominion joins the fight against scammers and fake accounts | Good Guy Gadgets

Global Dominion joins the fight against scammers and fake accounts

Prior to this incident, fake pages and accounts also flooded different social media platforms with the intention of deceiving Filipinos. One of the reports received by the company is about a fake page collecting money to initiate a loan application.

“We do not collect fees for someone to start their application journey with us, not even through our accredited loan consultants on the ground,” said Global Dominion Financial Consumer Protection Lead Quincy Lopez.

Global Dominion responded to these reports by posting reminders on its social media accounts for the public to avoid fake pages and potential scammers and to only communicate through the company’s official pages. Financial consumers can also simply visit for more information about Global Dominion’s products and services. It is also important to note that the company’s Facebook page has more than one hundred ninety thousand (190,000) followers as of this writing so consumers should also take note of that before believing any fake pages created by potential scammers.

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“We take this matter seriously, not just to protect the brand of the company, but to take care of our existing customers and prospective customers too,” said Global Dominion Legal Counsel Atty. Legis Pangilinan. “We are doubling down on investigating fake pages and scammers both online and offline to further our campaign.” Global Dominion has launched an intensive campaign to take on scammers early this 2024.

Global Dominion’s marketing communications division noted an increase in the number of fake pages on social media channels pretending to represent the company in the last quarter of 2023. This, unfortunately, comes with the expected increase in the demand for loan and financing products throughout the holidays, explained the division.