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Get the new Nokia 5.4 with a Shopee exclusive price of Php 7,890

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, launches its latest roster of smartphones — the Nokia 5.4 and the Nokia 1.4 – in the Philippines. Capture your world using the Nokia 5.4 with an exclusive price of ₱7,890 only on Shopee.

Get the new Nokia 5.4 with a Shopee exclusive price of Php 7,890 | Good Guy Gadgets

Get the new Nokia 5.4 with a Shopee exclusive price of Php 7,890

The Nokia 5.4 is stunning, smart, and packed with plenty of stamina. It comes with 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM and is available in Polar Night and Dusk color variants. This smartphone for today’s busy modern lives arrives exclusively through Shopee with a whopping 21% off upon check-out using the voucher code VC – NOKIA54, reducing the original price of ₱9,990 to ₱7,890, and bundled with a free 007 card case only from March 8 – 21, 2021.

Fun and functional, the Nokia 1.4 comes with a 2GB RAM/32GB ROM configuration and is available in Fjord and Charcoal color variants. This smartphone can be purchased for only ₱4,990 and will be available on the official Nokia phones online store, in-store, and in kiosks and exhibits nationwide starting March 15, 2021.

Nokia 5.4 and Nokia 1.4 | Good Guy Gadgets

“We create reliable technology that can keep up with the modern-day demands of smartphone users. With the Nokia 5.4 that is tailor-fitted for those with increasingly busy modern lives, we want to make sure that Nokia phones fans experience a smartphone that not just champions speed and performance, but is also built to last at an amazing value,” said Ravi Kunwar, Regional Head, Pan Asia HMD Global. “And whilst we promote staying safe at home, we are pleased to present the Nokia 1.4, the perfect family-friendly smartphone with its meticulously engineered robust construction and brilliant design that can keep up with Nokia phones fans’ quality time indoors. The positive demand trend we see in the Philippines shows that our Filipino Nokia phones fans want smartphones such as the Nokia 5.4 and the Nokia 1.4 that can cater to their modern needs.”

Be your own boss with the new Nokia 5.4

Designed with top performance and speed in mind, the Nokia 5.4 is perfect for creative entrepreneurs and those who want to supplement their day job with an online side hustle. With strong camera and film capabilities, coupled with the reliable Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 662 Mobile Platform and two-day battery life, this smartphone will enable new business owners and content creators to accomplish all tasks, keep creating material for their online channels, stay connected all the time and manage their increasingly busy lives. Stay on top of things, do more and take charge with the new Nokia 5.4.

Capture moments like a pro

The impressive 48MP quad camera and 16MP front camera combo of the Nokia 5.4 allow users to take stunning photos and videos. Capturing incredible details at any time and place — whether in the light or dark, at home or on the move – has never been easier. The main camera’s ultra-wide lens takes in the bigger picture and is perfect for expansive landscape shots. Meanwhile, the depth and macro cameras enable users to take crisp portraits and close-up snaps. Shutter lag, which is so often the ruin of that on-the-move, once-in-a-lifetime shot, has been reduced to zero on the Nokia 5.4 so you don’t have to miss another never-again moment.

We’ve emulated the experts for our Cinema Mode to give users improved shooting capabilities. This function captures 24FPS — the film industry standard — and allows users to shoot content in a 21:9 aspect ratio, the standard cinematic format. After shooting, the professional color grading options can add a Hollywood-like feel to your clips. To get smoother motion shots, simply dial it up to 60FPS video recording – that’s nearly three times the film industry standard. Whether you’re filming your newly mastered workout routine at home, your dog’s fetch skills, or the spectacular views from your vacation, the high frame rate will capture every move. Combined with image stabilization, OZO spatial audio, and wind noise cancellation for videos, the Nokia 5.4 is perfectly suited for today’s busy lifestyles.

Rely on AI with Qualcomm®

You can always depend on the Nokia 5.4 to prioritize what matters to you. Whether it’s working, gaming, streaming, taking photos, or entertaining your little ones, your Nokia 5.4 will optimize its power to deliver more speed, longer battery life, better imaging, and increased performance where needed.

This is all thanks to the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 662 Mobile Platform. Optimized with the latest AI technology, this software is there to make smart decisions in the background and help you with your day-to-day.

Set your sights on something strong and beautiful

Give yourself more room for work and play. The immersive 6.39-inch HD+ punch-hole display provides more screen to enjoy whilst staying pocketable and easy to hold. Thanks to superior build quality, the Nokia 5.4 looks just as good on the outside as it does on the inside.

The Nokia 1.4: A phone engineered and built in the moment

Get the new Nokia 5.4 with a Shopee exclusive price of Php 7,890 | Good Guy Gadgets

Trusted, secure, and built to last, the Nokia 1.4 offers excellent quality at an amazing price point whilst providing fun and functionality for the whole family.

Boasting an impressive 6.51-inch HD+ edge-to-edge screen real estate, the Nokia 1.4 has a massive display that is almost a full inch bigger than its predecessor, and the largest ever to feature on a Nokia 1 series. This new and expanded HD+ screen comes into its own with video calling apps, helping families stay connected amidst the current climate and showcasing the Nokia 1.4’s camera capabilities.

Powerful dual cameras even in the dark

The Nokia 1.4’s dual-camera setup coupled with the Camera Go app by Google helps users take high-quality photos at any time, even under low-light conditions. Capture precious family moments with Portrait Mode that lets you achieve professional-looking photos with blurred backgrounds. Night Mode, meanwhile, can be used to take color-rich and crisp low-light shots without the need for flash. The helpful storage indicators will take away any worries about space so users can carry on snapping.

The built-in macro lens can also entertain the whole family as kids get up close and personal with bugs and flowers whilst exploring the great outdoors. This feature also comes in handy at home when the need to zoom in on the fine print arises.

Safe and sturdy for your peace of mind

Nokia phones have a well-deserved reputation for being sturdy, durable devices, and the Nokia 1.4 is no exception. You can happily hand it over to your children to borrow without worrying about the condition it will come back to you in. Design-wise, it is crafted to sit securely in any hand and contains a Qualcomm® chipset and fingerprint sensor for security. It also has a built-in parental control that allows users to manage content downloaded from the Google Play store to give grown-ups peace of mind whilst children listen, learn or play to their hearts’ content.

Power for days whilst staying secure and up-to-date

Both the Nokia 5.4 and Nokia 1.4 are packed with generous two-day battery life with AI-assisted Adaptive Battery technology that offers smarter app usage and prioritizes power to the things that matter to you.

Built to last and always secure, the Nokia 5.4 and Nokia 1.4 are ready for Android™ 11 and beyond. With three years of monthly security updates and two years of software upgrades, users can stay secure and up-to-date for longer. Thanks to HMD Global’s commitment to excellence in this space, Nokia smartphones continue to lead, combining software and security updates with build quality to deliver a portfolio you can really trust.

Get the new Nokia 5.4 with a Shopee exclusive price of Php 7,890 | Good Guy Gadgets

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