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Facebook: Watch Party bids farewell soon, app ends on April 16

Facebook released Watch Party in 2018 as a native co-watching feature. For video lovers, it quickly became an irreplaceable social entertainment, especially in the times of the global pandemic — when all entertainment is happening online. Facebook, however, announced that the feature will be going away starting April 16, 2021.

Facebook: Watch Party bids farewell soon, app ends on April 16 | Good Guy Gadgets

Facebook: Watch Party bids farewell soon, app ends on April 16

Remember we used to invite real people to our houses and binge-watch weird videos? The world has changed since then — but binge-watching didn’t go anywhere. With Netflix, users of streaming services can get together and watch movies online. On Facebook, anyone can share the moment of savoring Facebook watch shows with a huge crowd. It’s all free and pretty much limitless. So if you haven’t used it yet, bet you can no longer experience what it can do as it ends very soon.

On an email Facebook sent, “Watch Party is going away,” it reads:

We are sending you this email because you have previously hosted a watch party on Facebook. We would like to inform you that starting April 16, 2021, Watch Party will no longer be available on Facebook. This means that you will no longer be able to create or view watch parties across Pages, Profiles, or Groups, and all previous watch parties will no longer be available to rewatch.

If you would like to download your past Watch Party posts or comments, please click the link below for more information. Your data will be available for download through April 15, 2021.

But in the meantime, the feature is still available. When you start one, you can watch any public videos on Facebook in real-time with a group of your friends.

You can create a watch party from your News Feed or timeline, in a group, on a Page, or from any video you’re watching. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be an administrator or editor to start one on a Page.

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Before it comes to its final hour on April 16, Facebook allows users to download a copy of the Watch Party information on Facebook. Click this link to learn more.