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Back-To-School: There’s a narzo smartphone for every student type

The newest game-changer in the Philippine smartphone market, narzo, is one with Filipino students and teachers alike who are once again challenged by the need for good, reliable technology like a narzo smartphone to complement their workload in the academe now that it’s back to school once again, and face-to-face classes are into the picture.

Back-to-school narzo smartphones for every student type | Good Guy Gadgets

Back-To-School: There’s a narzo smartphone for every student type

Aside from schoolwork, there are also a number of hurdles that students and their families face on a daily basis: the long commutes, the abrupt adjustment to physical or hybrid setups, and most importantly—the budget.

Luckily, narzo presents a convenient solution to these problems. The game-changing narzo 50 series can cater to each student type and their needs to survive the daily grind of school with a lineup of more affordable, all-rounder smartphones that definitely won’t break the bank.

“Making technology accessible for all means introducing student-friendly prices. We offer quality smartphones that students can save up for, even just with their allowance,” says Allen Yin, Country Manager for narzo Philippines. “We are able to anticipate the price sensitivity of this young bracket, and have ensured that our lineup fits their budget given that there are other fees in school.”

For the keen documenters: narzo 50i Prime

For the keen documenters: narzo 50i Prime | Good Guy Gadgets

Students need a lot of smartphone memory when it comes to files and recordings for their whole semester. Perfect for keen keepers of schoolwork is the narzo 50i Prime, a sub-5k storage beast and currently narzo’s most affordable model at only ₱4,399 discounted selling price. The narzo 50i Prime (3GB+32GB) is unique in its price segment by being expandable for up to 1TB through a MicroSD Card, allowing for more apps, photos, and videos to be installed and saved without the hassle of running out of memory. It also allows for dual SIM use.

For the visual learners: narzo 50A Prime

For the visual learners: narzo 50A Prime | Good Guy Gadgets

There are a lot of learning styles applied by students, and each method has its strengths. Some retain information by reading and writing, some by listening, and others through movement. But for those who focus best visually via images, the narzo 50A Prime is a great fit with its 6.6-inch FHD+ large display which offers crisp and clear optics for only ₱7,999. Visual learners can also capture videos in high resolution with its 50MP AI Triple Camera on top of the colorful screen display.

For the always on-the-go: narzo 50A

For the always on-the-go: narzo 50A | Good Guy Gadgets

Nowadays, students are encouraged to not only excel in academics but also partake in various extracurricular activities. Suited for those who are always maximizing their time inside and outside the campus is the narzo 50A with its long-lasting 6000mAh mega battery, the largest in the entire narzo 50 series. It’s also equipped with battery optimization features and modes such as App Quick Freeze, Sleep Standby Optimization, Screen Battery Optimization, and Super Power Saving Mode to extend battery life for longer usage. The narzo 50A recently had a price drop, now available for only ₱7,499.

For the multitaskers: narzo 50

For the multitaskers: narzo 50 | Good Guy Gadgets

Finally, for students who like to juggle multiple tasks and jump across apps for school and other pursuits, the narzo 50 can accommodate their lightning-fast pace with its MediaTek Helio G96 processor. This gaming-inspired chip is perfect for work as much as play, allowing students to do more without being limited by their hardware. The narzo 50 is capable of Dynamic RAM Expansion (DRE) which allows up to 11GB of virtual RAM for more performance. It also recently enjoyed a big price drop, now available for only ₱8,999.

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All narzo 50 series models above are available in Lazada, TikTok Shop, and 26 offline narzo stores and kiosks nationwide.

For more information and the latest updates on narzo Philippines, follow the brand’s official Facebook page and tune in to the daily live streams on TikTok. Join the twelve-thousand-strong narzo Philippines online community to be a part of the real game changer!