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AOC Masters Tournament 2021 enters Regional Finals Stage

AOC Masters Tournament, one of the biggest PUBG events in South East Asia and Oceania has entered the Regional Final Stage after the tremendous success of qualifying Local Representatives earning a spot in the next level battlefield. Marching along with top tier teams from Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Oceania battle against each other pitching for Grand Champion of Southeast Asia.

AOC Masters Tournament 2021 enters Regional Finals Stage | Good Guy Gadgets

AOC Masters Tournament 2021 enters Regional Finals Stage

AOC reinforces confidence collaborating with Mineski Global and PUBG Battlegrounds delivering the 3rd Esports Online Tournament to show AOC’s continuous effort on supporting the esports community and visual as a dedicated gaming monitor brand that connects to the gaming community as one all over the world seeing, playing and winning together.

AGON by AOC unveils a newly-branded AGON PRO line for professional team gamers and individuals seeking stardom within the global gaming community, by launching AGON Pro, AGON, and AOC Gaming and has received industry acclaim achieving several awards.

The AOC Masters Tournament 2021 is leading professional competitive teams to participate in this competition; MiTH from Thailand, Bao Nam from Vietnam, Team Fury, and Team Bliss from Oceania. The Regional Finals will be from November 2-7, 2021, and will be streamed on the following channels:

Country/Region Online Channel
Asia Pacific

AOC Masters Tournament Regional Finals | Good Guy Gadgets

For more details on the AOC Masters Tournament, visit the AOC Philippines Website.

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AGON by AOC offers one of the strongest portfolios of high-performance gaming monitors in the world and a complete ecosystem of gaming accessories grouped in three categories: AOC GAMING for core gamers, AGON for competitive gamers, and AGON PRO for esports enthusiasts and professional esports players. Since 2020 AGON by AOC has been one of the leading gaming monitor brands and a top choice of gamers worldwide.

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