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Nokia smartphones: gifts to love, trust and keep this holiday season

Nokia phone fans are up for early Christmas treats as HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, announces promotions for ten Nokia phones that Filipinos can love, trust, and keep for the holiday season and beyond. Starting November 18 until December 31, users who are fully vaccinated can get ₱100 off the following Nokia phones. They simply need to present their valid vaccination card with complete doses, to all authorized Nokia phones resellers – physical stores, kiosks, and shop-in-shop nationwide.

Nokia smartphones: gifts to love, trust and keep this holiday season | Good Guy Gadgets

Nokia smartphones: gifts to love, trust and keep this holiday season

Nokia 5.4, Nokia C1, Nokia C10, Nokia C30, Nokia G10, and Nokia G50 come with either a Nokia sling bag, hoodie, or umbrella. On top of the ₱100 price off, customers can also get additional discounts and freebies on the following Nokia phones:

The Nokia 2.4 receives a 24% discount now for only ₱5,290 from its original price of ₱6,990 and comes bundled with a free TWSi12 Bluetooth wireless earphones. The Nokia 3.4 gets 21% off, now for ₱6,290 from ₱7,990 plus a Yoobao M2 Speaker freebie. The Nokia 1.4 and Nokia C20 are up for grabs with 6% and 4% discounts, respectively, and both come with a free umbrella.

“Every year, we hope to give Filipinos merrier holidays by being consistent in rolling out cheerful treats and discounts on Nokia phones. We believe that reliable technology that customers can love, trust and keep should be made accessible for gifting to oneself and to their loved ones, especially during the season of giving,” said Sancho Chak, HMD Global General Manager for the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Thailand, HMD Global.

Gifts for recreation

For those who love watching k-dramas, and “kilig” series, Nokia 2.4 is the perfect movie buddy for it comes with 3GB+64GB memory and boasts an immersive HD+ display that maximizes the screen for that elevated viewing experience that fans can enjoy.

The Nokia 2.4 and the Nokia 3.4 | Good Guy Gadgets
The Nokia 2.4: Smart imaging, smart battery; and the Nokia 3.4:Built for streaming.

On the other hand, gamers can enjoy the Nokia 3.4 that comes with 4GB+64GB memory and a large screen that levels up the gaming experience as it sports an impressive 6.39-inch HD+ screen with a punch-hole display.

The Nokia C1, a smartphone designed to entertain anytime and anywhere features a 5.45-inch screen that brings users their favorite apps to life. With lighter apps and less bloatware, Filipino fans can store up to 3,000 songs or 24 hours of videos for offline consumption, cutting down on data usage.

The Nokia C1 and the Nokia C10 | Good Guy Gadgets
The Nokia C1: All you need, online and off; and the Nokia C10: Style, reliability and HDR photos.

And, for a well-deserved ‘me time’, users can immerse themselves in their favorite tunes whilst traveling to work or settle in to watch a film with Nokia C10’s all-day battery life. The ultra-attractive and ultra-high-value Nokia C10 has a full-day battery capacity, big and crystal-clear HD+ screen, and is equipped with the latest AndroidTM 11 (Go Edition) software to keep data safe and the phone running smoothly.

Gifts for Moving Up

The Nokia 1.4 and the Nokia 5.4 | Good Guy Gadgets
The Nokia 1.4: Go big on learning and entertainment; and the Nokia 5.4: Experience creative control.

A super-accessible entry smartphone, the Nokia 1.4 is powered by a Snapdragon 215 quad-core processor, and features a 6.52-inch screen, with a 4,000mAh battery— perfect for fans who want to level up from feature phone to smartphone.

Meanwhile, the Nokia 5.4 brings 4GB RAM and 128GB of storage to users, alongside a power-efficient Snapdragon 662 SoC. Signature to Nokia mobile, these two phones are built to have up to three years of monthly security updates and two years of software upgrades, so users are assured that their devices are future-proofed in terms of software updates.

Gifts for Productivity

Content creators can enjoy 5MP front and rear cameras with LED flash of the Nokia C20 that can capture important moments even in low light. From dawn ‘til dusk, this reliable device makes both scenic photos and selfies shine bright.

The Nokia C20 and the Nokia C30 | Good Guy Gadgets
The Nokia C20: Shoot with camera flash, share with 4G; and the Nokia C30: No to small screens. Yes to multi-day battery.

Fans can also capture their best moments in picture-perfect quality with the impressive 13MP dual cameras of the Nokia C30. This recently launched model has the largest battery capacity and biggest screen yet on a Nokia smartphone, sporting a 6.82-inch HD+ display supported by a large-capacity 6,000mAh battery that can last up to three days on a single charge

Moreover, for the Nokia G series, every day is made amazing with the Nokia G10, equipped with a three-day battery life that gives users the freedom to do more. With its detailed round housing that boasts 13MP triple cameras with macro and depth lenses and an 8MP front camera, the Nokia G10 won’t let users miss any of life’s amazing moments.

The Nokia G10 and the Nokia G50 | Good Guy Gadgets
The Nokia G10: Family fun for up to 3 days straight; and the Nokia G50: A 5G future-proof smartphone.

And finally, the Nokia G50, the newest addition to the series, is considered to be the most affordable 5G Nokia smartphone yet. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 processor paired with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, the Nokia G50 can keep up with its user even in the most demanding and busy days of working-from-home and attending online classes.

Discounts and Freebies Promo

Discounts and freebies mentioned below are only claimable at all authorized Nokia phones physical stores this holiday season.

Nokia Phone Promotions Freebie
Nokia 2.4 Fully vaxx ₱100 off and 24% discount TWS i12 Bluetooth wireless earphones
Nokia 3.4 Fully vaxx ₱100 off and 21% discount Yoobao M2 Speaker
Nokia 1.4 Fully vaxx ₱100 off and 6% discount Umbrella
Nokia 5.4 Fully vaxx ₱100 off Hoodie
Nokia C1 Fully vaxx ₱100 off
Nokia C10 Fully vaxx ₱100 off
Nokia C20 Fully vaxx ₱100 off and 4% discount Umbrella
Nokia C30 Fully vaxx ₱100 off Umbrella
Nokia G10 Fully vaxx ₱100 off Sling bag
Nokia G50 Fully vaxx ₱100 off Umbrella

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Fans can purchase all discounted phones to love, trust and keep at all authorized Nokia phones physical stores.

Get to know more about Nokia phones from the official online store on Shopee, Lazada, and Zalora, and all authorized resellers. Take advantage of the Nokia mobile’s holiday season promo until stocks last.